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Special Equipment

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All prices quoted are including German VAT (currently 19 percent) without costs of packing and shipping at time of order.

Additional special equipment *

Cooling system transmission main oilF00-FJ-SE-CSTO-1P-Y-0112-11.464,-
Weight system pilotF00-FJ-SE-WSP-1P-Y-0112-12.196,-
Wiring additional batteryF00-FJ-SE-WBAT-1P-Y-0112-1139,-
Additional BatteryF00-FJ-SE-ABAT-1P-Y-0112-1244,-
Support additional batteryF00-FJ-SE-SBAT-1P-Y-0112-1171,-
Battery lithium chargeF00-FJ-SE-LBAT-1P-Y-0112-185,-
Intercom complete standard headsets and wiringF00-FJ-SE-ICSH-1U2-Y-0112-1732,-
VHF Radio Polmar PL-760 complete of wiringF00-FJ-SE-VRAD-1P-Y-0112-11.586,-
Radio Funkwerk ATR833-2K-LCD complete of wiringF00-FJ-SE-FRAD-1P-Y-0112-12.135,-
Transponder Funkwerk MODE S - LCDF00-FJ-SE-XPDR-1P-0112-12.379,-
ELT complete of wiring and installationF00-FJ-SE-ELT-1P-0112-11.098,-
Catch bladeF00-FJ-SE-CB-1P-0112-1220,-
Paint on customer requestF00-FJ-SE-POCR-1P-0112-11.464,-
Air vents snap for cockpit doorF00-FJ-SE-AVSD-1P-Y-0112-1171,-

* Alle prices including italian sales tax (22%)

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